I have had many requests from people to show them how I pick my stocks.

Instead of writing an ebook and offering 1 on 1 support for people and charging hundreds of dollars I decided instead to just offer a service.

If you have a stock you would like my opinion on (It can be a blue chip stock, penny stock, low priced, small cap it doesn't matter.) I will do the research that I normally do looking at the stock and giving you my thoughts on where I think the stock could go.

I will give you a breakdown on my thoughts on the stock. Where I think the stock could go to over the next 12 months and whether it offers a good risk/reward investment.

So that I am not flooded with requests I ask if you want me to research a certain stock for you that you submit $25 per stock you want researched. If you have one stock that you have your eye on that would be $25. If you have your eye on 4 that would be $100. In the long run it could save or make you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The reason it is just $25 is so anyone can take part in it. If I get flooded with requests the price will go up. It can be a penny stock or a blue chip stock it doesn’t matter.

After you submit payment and the symbol of the stock you would like give me 24 hours (Mon-Friday) and I should have the email report for you on that stock.

Credit cards accepted by PayPal

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Have a great trading Day

Steve Hoven